We are looking for exceptional players that have a proven raiding background and are drama and hassle free. High Warcraft Logs or World of Logs rankings and an expert knownledge of your class are expected.


Roles and specs we are currently recruiting:

Tanks: None

Healers: Exceptional, Higher demand Paladin

DPS: All exceptional dps.



Clicking the link below will request that you create a Guild Launch account (if you are not logged into one) before you can continue with the application.

We expect all questions to be answered thoroughly and distinctively. Please remember that first impressions are everything. All applications are private and can only viewed by members of the guild.

Please copy the questions from the following page into a word processor and individually answer each question without edditing the question itself. Paste everything back into the dialogue box when you are ready to submit your application.

Feel free to contact a Last Attempt Officer to discuss your application (contact any in game member to get in contact with an officer), in particular if you are having problems applying.

Click here to apply






 1. Do you have all of the following - stable internet connection and a computer that can handle 25 man raids, Mumble and a working mic (and are you willing to use it)?

2. What character and spec are you applying on? Please provide a working link to your character's wow armoury page. If you have moved servers this tier please list your previous character names and servers so that we can review those logs too. Please note that we prefer logs uploaded to Warcraft Logs and will actively find those logs for your character. If you do not have any Warcraft Logs then please also provide links to your World of Logs parses.

3. How many serious alts do you have? What/who are they and are they capable of raiding?

4. Provide us with a screen shot of your UI and explain in detail your reasoning behind key bindings, addons, raid layouts etc (in raid screen shots preferred). Please use http://imgur.com/ if you need a site to upload to.

5. How do you measure your own performance as a raider? What do you do to improve your performance.

6. Please describe your guild and raiding history. What expansion have you raided and on what class and spec? List your kills for each tier, the character you first achieved them on and the guild you were in, ie "16/16H Tier 14 as Shadow Priest in Last Attempt".

7. Why are you leaving your current guild?

8. Why do you wish to join Last Attempt?

9. Tell us a bit about yourself. How old are you? What is your gender? What city do you live in? How long have you played WoW? What other games do you play?

10. Do you acknowledge that you should you be coming back to your application and checking up on its comments (as we will be using that to ask you questions)? We will attempt to have people read and comment within 3 days of your application being posted but you must come back and answer any questions.